Thursday, February 9, 2012

Garage Sale Score!

I don't have a "Before" picture on this sucker, but imagine green velvet.  With a bunch of gun smooshed into it.  The good thing about disgusting fabric is cheap ass prices!  I picked this guy up at an estate sale for $5! 

Restained, reupholstered and re homed!

Back In The Swing of Things

I have been an absentee blogger as of late, but I have a lot of upcoming projects that I hope to share with you!
My upholstery jobs are picking up and have kept me busy almost every single night from the time I get off work, until the time I go to bed!  I love it! In the next year or so I hope to have gained enough upholstery knowledge to strike it out on my own.

The lady who is teaching me upholstery - Val- has informed me that she hopes to retire from the University of Saskatchewan (where she is the master upholsterer) by the end of April.  At that point the university will be shutting down that position, but will still need someone to do work for them.  She has said that she will be asking for the contract, and if she does, she will be passing on to me!  I am very fortunate to have met Val! 

Life is good <3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rocking Chair Child Style

Here is the second rocking chair that I was commissioned to make for an expecting couples nursery.
 I love the pattern, but the material was a BITCH to work with.  It's cotton with an oilclothe cover (pretty much just cotton with plastic covering it).  Great for messy children, not so great for me.  The plastic made it very hard to maneuver it around any corners.
The good thing is that I now know that oilclothe is a no-no for upholstery.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Season Greetings

Could anything be cuter than holiday Neko?  Can't you tell that she loves wearing her antlers!

Beach Chair Redo

I picked this chair up at The Salvation Army about 6 months ago and it has since been occupying my living room as a coat rack. I love the shape of it and it was a total waste to have it covered by coats, but the fabric and foam were gross. Seriously gross. 

I stripped it down to its bare bones and cut new foam for the top. Ty and I have a serious love for surfing and thought that this guy would be perfect as a beach themed chair. 

All that needs to be done is some weathering on the wood.  Beachy, no?

Monday, November 28, 2011

33 Ways

Betty Blueth took a trip to the doctors today. While trying to do some upholstery yesterday, she took a turn for the worse.  I have been feel a little less than creative lately and this threw me into some dark hole. I threw the biggest hissy fit EVER. I threw my fabric all over the craft room and ripped the bobbin from Betty and then threw that all around the room.  I am a mostly rational person, and save for a few fits when I was in my teens I have not reacted this poorly for a long time.
I need to accept that I will have creative ruts, it's normal.  I guess next time I should just step back and remember that blaming poor, sick Betty is not the answer.
As I was discovering some new blogs today, I came across a perfect list.


Serendipitous <3

Maybe I should practice a little more of 21 and 31.

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